To the winners and honorary mentions for The National Building Fund’s ideas competition. The winners are ready to further develop Neighbourhoods for Generations.

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Schmidt Hammer Lassen & Fælleshaven

Feed the neighbourhood. An idea of how a circular food and waste system could bring a neighbourhood’s generations closer.

Nursing the Care

Active senior + integrated health = Non-profit housing renewal. A vision of how urban development and health services can be shared in a modern and attractive city.

The #ABC-Strategy
Gründl Haahr Arkitekter

Make a housing career! The idea wants to ensure an easy move in the neighbourhood, when your life or family situation changes with a variety of approaches and tools e.g. a new housing rotation system.

Thinking Outside the B(l)ox
Hele Landet – Sociale Arkitekter & ØsterGRO & Andreas Høegh

Don’t rethink - but redo. A pitch of how a top-down and button-up approach can bring generations closer by local partnership match-making and test exemptions from legislation.


We believe affordable housing is a solution to create a socially sustainable neighbourhood. Høje Gladsaxe and Axelborg are two examples in Denmark. How can a Neighbourhoods for Generations concept meet the housing needs of all residents and engage across generations?

Creating a neighbourhood that is inviting for all generations is an ongoing process and innovation is required in all levels of urban planning - physical environment, social infrastructure, governance and engagement, and services systems. How can we create interdisciplinary solutions that merge and integrate different perspectives?

Høje Gladsaxe,
Greater Copenhagen


The National Building Fund invites you to help shape the future of non-profit housing through this competition by participating in discussions of how the winning ideas can create a Neighbourhood for Generations.

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